About the company

We are dealing with the production and the assembly of system and nonsystem aluminium-glass structures. With making elevations ventilated from composite surfaces, of entire-glass structures from toughened glass, glass small roofs, wall blinds, crackers of the light etc.

We have the own factory floor equipped with the equipment for the production of the structure most modern of aluminiums, competent production crew what is being transferred into the excellent quality of our products.

The structural-design team is conducting the permanent modernization of methods of the execution, is implementing new techniques of solutions, in accordance with Polish and European building norms what is making us the reliable implementation partner. We will fulfil every standard, novel and avant-garde plan.


Market leaders are our partners on the Polish and European ALIPLAST market and ALUPROF.

We are also conducting advisory activity, in particular the unpaid consulting and consultation for customers designing buildings with applying the construction of Aluminium, PCV, Steel and Glass, as well as customers designing elevations ventilated from composite surfaces.